Ear Micro-Suction

Ear Micro-Suction

Te Atatu South Medical Centre & Skin Clinic now offers micro-suction of ears and Professional assessment and treatment for:

  • Wax Removal
  • Blocked Ears
  • Itchy Ears
  • Swimmer′s Ear
  • Surfer′s Ear
  • Foreign Object Removal

People suffering from ear wax build-up can benefit from the gentle yet effective power of ear micro-suction. Micro-suction, as the name suggests, involves using a specially designed suction tool with a small inlet, to directly remove excess wax as seen and identified by our specially trained nurses.

The current best practice guidelines discourage the use of ear syringing with water due to  its adverse effects such as perforation and infection. Micro-suction ear cleaning is much more effective, comfortable and pain-free for patients.  As health professionals, our nurses also have the capacity to identify issues within the area that may require a follow-up by one of our general practitioners who may treat you or refer you to an ENT specialist.

Usual appointment time for ear micro-suction is half an hour.

Cost of micro-suction:

Adults and Seniors $45.00, Child $35.00, ACC related $30.00 initial consult

Follow up charges – Adults and Seniors $30.00, Child $25.00

To make an appointment call 834 6600 or click here: