We are a Member of ProCare, Primary Health Organisation (PHO). The fees shown below are for PHO enrolled patients. We provide subsidised services on the day of your very first appointment when you enrol with us.

Fees For Enrolled Patients

Our Charges are relatively less compared to other similar practices.  This is especially for patients over 65 years who are mostly retired and also for patients between 18 to 24 years who may have just started  a new job. Because we care.

After Hours

We have a special arrangement for after-hours health service. When you call our practice number, you will be served by a group of experienced after-hours care, Registered Nurses, who will assist you with your health concerns.


Enrolment is necessary to receive subsidised consultation. To enrol, you need to fill out an enrolment form which also includes the “transfer of notes request”. It is now a requirement to present your passport during enrolment as proof of residency or work permit. You can also fill out an enrolment form by visiting our medical centre and our friendly reception staff will help you regarding this. Or you can contact us.