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Dr. Kawshi De Silva

Dr De Silva has lived in New Zealand for the past 24 years, working in a wide range of fields. Born in Sri Lanka, Dr De Silva studied her medical degree in Bangladesh and completed her Masters in Public Health at Otago University after migrating to NZ.

In addition, she is a member of the Royal New Zealand College of Urgent Care Physicians and working towards a fellowship in the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners.

Dr De Silva's NZ career began in Public Health and she has held leading roles within the Cancer Society of NZ, the Heart Foundation, and the Problem Gambling Foundation.

She has passionately advocated for the health of communities regarding cancer prevention, heart health, mental health, Asian health and problem gambling. Dr De Silva continues to support these issues whilst working as a General Practitioner.

Dr De Silva is also qualified with a certificate in Skin Cancer Surgery from Queensland University Australia. She now offers mole checks, cryotherapy, punch biopsy and skin cancer removals.

4.10.19  Dr De Silva has recently attended an Empire Medical Training, Inc. sponsored program in Interventional Pain Management and Injection Therapy of the Lumbo-Sacral, Cervical Spine and Extremities (including Fluoroscopic procedures). Participants received extensive training on a variety of pain management procedures including injections to large and small joints, spinal injections such as facet and sacroiliac injections, spinal epidural injections, trigger point injections, prolotherapy and others. Participants received training on the use of fluoroscopy for a variety of pain management injections, with emphasis on fluoroscopic facet and lumbar injections. Training in the diagnosis of chronic pain, hormone balancing, and physical therapies, as relates to pain management, is inclusive in the training. Techniques and procedures were presented utilizing current guidelines and medical protocols. This is a 24.0 hour program.