About Us

Dr Kawshi De Silva


Dr Huma Naveed

Dr Namal De Silva

Dr Wei (Robert) Jing

Practice Overview

As a well-established medical centre we have served our community for more than 40 years in Te Atatu South, West Auckland. The Practice has always gone the extra mile to understand the needs of our  patients, by engaging the most knowledgeable doctors and staff. Currently we have 2200 enrolled patients of various ethnic backgrounds, the majority of whom are seen by appointment.

The Practice was taken over by Dr Kawshi De Silva in January, 2016. The management strive to deliver quality service.

The Practice currently has two full-time GPs – Dr Kawshi De Silva and Dr Wei (Robert) Jing and two part-time GPs – Dr Huma Naveed and Dr Namal De Silva. Dr Kawshi De Silva undertakes skin cancer surgery including PRP treatment for musculoskeletal disorder, alopecia and acne. Dr Huma Naveed offers geriatric care and chronic care management.

Practice Nurses Caz, Zyra and Nileshni are highly qualified nurses who love working with people and are driven to improve health outcomes and caring for our patients.

Receptionists Faith, Eva & Palki are highly experienced, people-centred and are very compassionate and caring.

Practice Manager Sandeep (Bachelor in Physiotherapy, Dip. Health Promotion) works tirelessly towards overseeing maintenance of the Practice standards by ensuring all staff implement our policies and protocols towards excellent service delivery.

Practice Nurses, Caz and Zyra

Receptionists – Faith, Eva & Palki

Practice Manager, Sandeep

Our Vision

Is to become the best patient-centred Medical Practice in Te Atatu South through dedication and encouragement to achieve the best possible care and support to our community.

Our Mission

To deliver quality and safe health services to our enrolled patients that is effective in reducing health disparities.

TSMC Values

Professionalism: To take a professional approach to all work-related activities

Respect: To respect patients’/peoples’ rights and embrace the differences

Honesty: To be open and honest with each other in all undertakings

Equity: To treat all patients and staff equally irrespective of their gender, age, religion or cultural background

Diversity: To embrace and accept different attitudes, values, beliefs of patient and staff

Zero tolerance for misbehaviour/bad conduct: All patients and staff need to be tolerant of each other’s differences and shortcomings

Holistic:  To look at the patient as a whole – physical, mental and emotional well-being while taking into consideration social factors that influence health.